During the regatta, there are multiple options for lunch.

Within the spectators area in front of the grandstand, the Duisburg rowing club provides a variety of meals (grill, pasta, cakes) as well as hot and cold drinks.

For the athletes' lunch, several options are provided within walking distance.

  • Chinese Restaurant Wong-King (
    The chinese restaurant Wong King is located within the building of Duisburg rowing club directly next to the grandstand and the boat storage area. It provides a terrace with a perfect view on the finish area. During the regatta, a lunch special for the athletes of the International Wedau Regatta will be offered.
  • Duisburg Swimming Club (
    The restaurant within the Duisburg swimming club is located directly next to the boat storage behind the grandstand and offers a lunch special for the athletes as well.
  • Regatta pavilion
    Opposite the grandstand, the regatta pavilion underneath the video wall offers another lunch special for the athletes. This lunch is provided by our tenant who is running the restaurant "Der wilde Wiener  ( as well.
  • Mezzomar Duisburg (
    The Mezzomar Duisburg offers various Italian meals within walking distance (200m) from the finish area. It does not offer a lunch special for the athletes of the International Wedau Regatta, but it offers its regular menu during its opening times.

Details for each of these lunch specials will be published here as soon as it is communicated by the respective restaurant. 


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